Vote in the 2018 primary by mail   (It's easy and canine-approved)

Here's why.  Here's how.

Problem:  The most important day for selecting Montgomery County (MoCo) officials is the primary (not the general election) -- and guess when that is:  on Tuesday, June 26, 2018, when many folks are on vacation or busy with kids or otherwise living their busy lives.  For example, in 2014, less than 2-in-10 registered MoCo voters voted in the primary!

Solution:  Here's the good news:  Most voters can vote by mail -- even if they have no idea where they will be or what they will be doing on election days in 2018 -- even if they might be at home on those days.  So, you can request now to have both the 2018 June primary and the November 2018 general election ballots mailed to your residence.  Then, in June, you can  fill out the primary ballot while you are having coffee at home -- and then put the ballot in the mail (the County even pays the postage!).  Done!  You've exercised your right to vote!  You have made our democracy more democratic!

How:  It's easy - you can go online now and request that the ballots be mailed to you.  Get out your driver's (or ID number or Learner's Permit number) and go online now -- and request that ballots be mailed to your residence for BOTH the 2018 primary (June 2018) and the 2018 general election (November 2018) -- yes, you can do this now!  Here's the link (Note:  To change the language to Spanish, use the pull down menu in the upper right to select Spanish and then hit the "change language" button):  Maryland Board of Elections  "Voter Registration and Absentee Ballot Request"

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