About us:

We are Montgomery County, Maryland, voters.

We want a county government that cares about us.

We don't want a county government run by politicians who pretend to listen to average members of the community -- but who don't really listen to us, because these politicians are too busy listening to the special interests who gave them campaign contributions.

For example, one County Councilmember involved in reviewing zoning/density matters received "numerous donations from real estate interests." Click here for the Washington Post article

Voters have good cause to be suspicious and disturbed when elected officials who have taken campaign contributions from special interests create dense development projects favored by those same special interests. This can result in traffic congestion, school overcrowding and other adverse impacts on the quality of life -- permanently harming neighborhoods and their residents.  Here are some examples:

We believe that voters should support candidates for County Council and County Executive who finance their campaigns without special interest funds.  For example, candidates can refuse special interest campaign contributions and use Montgomery County's new law providing for public financing of elections for county office.  Candidates who use the new public financing of elections law are more likely to bring about a county government dedicated to developing sustainable communities through responsible planning, in particular, development compatible with the infrastructure for schools and traffic.

We are non-partisan ... and welcome Democrats, Republicans, Green Party, and Independents.

We are Montgomery County Voters -- Participate with us!

(MoCoVoters.org, an unincorporated association co-led by Robert "Bobby" Lipman and Celia Martin, has a mailing address of P.O. Box 622, Glen Echo, Maryland 20812)